A little iOS app that keeps you connected to the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and planets.

2020 UX Design

Suntime helps users understand and anticipate Solar and Lunar cycles ☀️

Hour View

Day View

Note-taking UI

Year View

Celestial Event Alerts



In 2018, my partner and I were feeling burnt-out on office work. Spending our days in front of the computer, letting time drift by, and sleeping in strange cycles, we’d sometimes find that the Sun had gone down before we’d even had a chance to go outside.

The idea for Suntime was sparked on a walk when we wondered “Does it have to be this way?”

Our livelihoods depend on computers, but we didn’t want to keep losing ourselves to screens. We wanted to make something that could compel us to get outside. Ironically, an app seemed fitting, as our phones are always on us and have our attention.

Early designs were inspired by ancient monuments — more mystical than functional. With feedback, especially post-COVID-19, it turned more towards astronomy and tracking, eventually becoming what it is now.